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Foster Flyer
LAA Foster Application

Thank you for offering to become a foster home for Lapeer’s Adoptable Animals!

A foster home is a temporary home for a canine or feline until a permanent home is found for the animal. LAA will provide all necessary supplies and medical care!

Before you fill out the form, please make sure you meet these requirements:
– Must be 21 years of age
– If you rent your home you must have a consent form from your landlord to have a dog/cat.
– All current owned dogs and cats in the home MUST be spayed/neutered if they are 6 months of age or older, unless there is a medical reason prohibiting it.
– All current owned dogs and cats in the home are up to date on vaccinations.
– You agree to a home visit by one of the LAA volunteers.

You must agree to the following conditions:
– Agree to have the foster pet wear some form of ID tag at all times (license, name tag, etc.)
– Agree to never allow the foster pet to be off leash or roam when it is outdoors unless it is in a securely fenced in area.
– Agree to have the foster pet reside in the home, not outside.
– The foster dog/cat may not be left outdoors when you are not home.

If you should decide to adopt your foster pet, an adoption application will need to be submitted and an adoption fee will be collected.

Thank you for giving the homeless animals a chance!

Do you understand that disagreements are expected when a new pet is brought into a home where a dog or cat is already living? There can be fear and anxiety and you must be willing to work with them during this transition time which can be a few days to a few months, until the pets are comfortable. It takes time for the animals true personality to come out.

As it is with any new pet being brought into a home, a rescued animal will require time to adjust and learn what is expected of them in their new environment. Are there ANY behaviors you are not willing to give the patience and time a rescued animal may need for this transition?

I am aware that by signing this waiver and foster application form, I agree to provide what is needed for the health and safety of a dog or cat in my care for Lapeer\’s Adoptable Animals, Inc. I further agree to assume all responsibility for the foster animal (s) in my care while on or off my premises. I also agree to assume all liability for the animal while I foster it for Lapeer\’s Adoptable Animals, Inc.

I fully understand and agree to assume all risks involved in any and all duties that I perform for Lapeer\’s Adoptable Animals, Inc. in my volunteer capacity and I agree to hold Lapeer\’s Adoptable Animals, Inc. harmless for any injury (s) that I might sustain during the course of my volunteer/foster duties.

This waiver does include me and all of my family members and descendants forever from seeking any legal action whatsoever against Lapeer\’s Adoptable Animals, Inc. or its Representatives.

By signing this waiver I also fully understand that the foster animal is owned solely by Lapeer\’s Adoptable Animals, Inc. until the adoption fee has been paid in full and adoption contract has been reviewed and signed by an LAA board member. Until the adoption is approved LAA has the right to collect the foster animal from my premises at any time.

I also understand that when I resign as a foster to return any equipment and unused supplies provided by me by Lapeer\’s Adoptable Animals, Inc.

By signing this application and waiver, I submit I am at least 21 years of age.

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