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Canine Adoption Form

By signing this application, I agree that I understand the following: Our rescued dogs have been seen by a vet and deemed to be in good health. They have been fully vaccinated, tested for parasites and heartworm, and spayed/neutered (appropriate age). However, rescued pets have an unknown medical background prior to coming into our care and an unknown behavior history. Lapeer\’s Adoptable Animals, Inc. cannot guarantee the future health of any pet it adopts out. By signing this form, you have agreed to authorize the release of information from your vets\’ office on animals you currently or previously owned. Dogs require yearly vaccines/heartworm medication that can exceed $200.00. Submitting this pre-adoption application does not obligate you to adopt this dog nor does it guarantee the dog will be adopted to you! We attempt to find the best match for each pet adopted out. LAA reserves the right to deny any application it recieves. Any pet adopted from Lapeer\’s Adoptable Animals, Inc. can be returned at any given time. If the pet does not work out in its new home, it MUST be returned to LAA and not to any other animal rescue, animal control, or humane society.

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